Riggers Loft Wine Company, Richmond, CA Video January 28, 2017, 1:54am

Videos by Riggers Loft Wine Company in Richmond. The home of R&B Cellars, Carica Wines, and Far West Cider Company. If you need help finding us, please use GOOGLE MAPS

Nat Bolden Blues & the State of Mind Band. Now until 8:30. 🍷🎶🍷

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catch our very own Barbara Brown on the flute with her solo at the end of the clip! #riggersloftwineco #rbcellars

R&B's Roulade en Rosé is back. Available only in the tasting room. RiggersLoftWine.com

One of these eggs will get you a free glass of wine. Then it will be your turn to donate to Richmond P.A.L. by putting something back in the egg. Get a gift, give a gift. RiggersLoftWine.com

Days With Zahrah - Riggers Loft Wine Company
Days With Zahrah...all over Riggers Loft! Urban winery at it's best!

A Facebook video: A Day in the Life of Riggers Loft RiggersLoftWine.com Come join the fun!

Warning! Grape crushing!! It's a busy time of year for all of us Riggers Loft winemakers. This is a daily occurrence.

Crush 2017 @ Riggers Loft. R&B Cellars and crew crushed some beautiful Zinfandel from Del Barba Vineyard in Contra Costs. More to come!!

Here's a snippet of André Thierry's fabulous sounds from yesterday's Cajun Wine Fest." Zahrah Farmer from channel 7's "Days with Zahrah" - dancing with André.

Can't resist posting this...dancing, grooving R&B Cellars' shareholders at the R&B tasting table. The "groove" was provided by the fabulous André Thierry, Accordion Soul Music.

Nat Bolden & The State of Mind until 5:30! 🎶🍷🎶

Nat Bolden Blues & the State of Mind Band. Now until 8:30. 🍷🎶🍷

Charles Wheal Band live until 5:30pm!🎶🎶🎶🍷🎶🎶

Swing 60's until 8:30pm 🎶🎶

R&B Cellars was on ABC's "Days with Zahrah" recently. Here's the video clip from the show.

Terence Elliott Quartet live until 5:30! 🍷🎹🎸🍷🎶🍷

Sax Man Jeff Tauber & Co. LIVE tonight until 8:30.

Happening now...Meshugga Beach Party till 5:30.

This view though...,

Happening now until 5:30 -- Cut Loose

Bottling The Improviser
The Improviser White Blend. Check it out at the Riggers Loft. http://www.rbcellars.com/tasting-room

Rusty String Express, Today 2-5

Richmond's 111th Birthday

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