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Roca Tavern


Friday, May 3rd - FAC #DillyDilly #AllRoadsLeadToRoca #ROWYCO
The parade still on for Sunday?
Blue House with the Rent to Own Horns are looking forward to this Saturday, February 16 at The Roca Tavern from 8-12. Come out and party with us!
I have been to roca more than enough for karaoke night. At the end of the night my tab was magically $70+ bucks. Now I like to drink and I bought my friends shots but not the amount of fireball they said. The bartender was the youngest funk girl. I was in the middle of trying to figure it out when some young kid tried to start sh*t due to the tab. The bartender took his side instead of talking to me. After kicking me out of the bar I made my brother go back inside in give her a bigger tip than she (and her inexperienced staff) deserved. +$100. I will never go there again. Learn to bartend. Karaoke was good btw.
Awesome show by Soul Dawg tonight..hope they play here again!!
Tonight at the Tavern Velvet Elvis 7-11 Saturday C-N Double 8-12 That is all my friends
Free lime wedges, and salt when you buy a shot of tequila!! Special appearance by Jose' Cuervo (He's a friend of ours)! The most interesting man in the world said, "If I want to listen to a great band, and drink my favorite cerveza, I go see The Bricks at the Roca Tavern"!
are the Jerry Pranksters playing yer place this coming Saturday?
I apologize for the “Hahahahahaha” but “Dakota’s was officially premiered and just in case you didnt know.. Scooter played himself(: & yes he made the movie and so did the ceiling 😂😂😅

Small-Village Tavern in Roca Nebraska!

Roca Tavern sits on Main Street near the Salt Creek in the shadow of the Roca Elevator. Roca, NE is recognized for its limestone quarries (Roca is a Spanish term for "Rock") and it is located on a branch of the old Oregon Trail route between NE City and Ft. Kearny. Jeff, Anne, Jordan and the gang look forward to serving you soon!

Covid-19 has hit our country with more deaths then the terrorist attacks against The United States September 11th 2001. Not trying to compare the two tragedies in any way, or placing blame on anyone, or some political group, or some country. God knows there's plenty of that going around... I do however remember being glued to the TV and radio in the days, weeks and months that followed 9/11/01. Also visiting with my elders about tragic events that they lived through before September 11th 2001. Events like Pearl harbor, world war II, Vietnam and Korean wars, sickness like polio, diphtheria, and measles to name a few. I remember thinking how fortunate my generation was, and no matter how I tried to understand their hardships through those difficult times, I would fail miserably to grasp even a small concept as to how they recovered and moved on in their daily lives.
In the United States each generation has had the quality of life better than the generation before, and as it should be with progress in technology and all the world has to offer. While most everyone is trying to do their part, by staying home and maintaining social distancing when possible, you will have time with your family & children, take some of tjat time to read/watch some of the historical events that have happened over the past 100 yrs. Focus on how America came together for the better good of their fellow man. Focus on how personal sacrifices we're done unselfishly to help out their neighbor. Focus on how individuals, a community, a city, a state, made their generation better human beings.
With so many news shows, social media computers, iPhones ect. the world moves so fast, what was SO Important today will be forgotten next month. Unless it's an event like covid-19, then sadly it will be mostly forgotten in a few short years. So I guess this is my challenge to you. Ask your children and family members what they remember or what they were taught in school about a few of the events I mentioned above. Then watch historical documentaries (not Hollywood movies) and see how Americans pulled together EACH and EVERY time! then have a discussion. I bet it will open their eyes a little...... And maybe yours too.

Please take time out of you day and reach out via phone, email, or text to one or more of the people you know working in Health Care or who is a First Responder, they are putting their lives on the line for all of us! To all of them I say THANKYOU for doing what you do, each and every day!!!! You ALL are TRUE HEROES!

When we opened in February 2013, I made a promise to myself......The Tavern would be open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Today is a sad day..... as that streak ends due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As per Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Dept. (LLCHD) new regulations that include no on-site consumption, we will remain closed until May 6th 2020. These are trying times for government officials, as they know their decisions affect everyone's lives personally and professionally. I will continue to support them, support the difficult decisions they have had to make, and will need to make in the future. I will personally take this time to be more aware of my fellow neighbors and count the positives in my life which far outweigh the negatives.. Stay safe everyone, and if anyone needs help with anything, PM me and I will try to help anyway I can.
Jeff Funk
#Nebraskalife, #smalltownlivin,


The Tavern will open at 1:00 pm today, following the guidelines set out by Nebraska Health and Human Services (NHHS) of 10 people or less including staff. Please remember we have off sale including 32oz Crowlers. Please call ahead for a Crowler purchases and pick up so they will be ready for you when you arrive. With 18 beers on tap there is something here for everyone!
All Roads Lead to Roca!

Way to step up Sprint! I am a Verizon customer and they r doing nothing at this time. Time to Sack up Verizon! Do the right thing!!
Please take the time to call your cell phone provider and ask for some assistance with Covid-19.

The Roca Tavern will continue to follow Nebraska Health and Human Services (NHHS)
Guidelines of 10 people maximum (including staff).We hope this helps as you drive by or you can call 402.423.9874 to see if there is seating available.
Hours Minday-Thrusday 3:00-9:00
Friday , Saturday & Sunday 1:00-9:00

Funday Sunday at the Roca Tavern 3:00-7:00
Join is today for an awesome performer. Take a little break from the turmoil happening on the world today, and enjoy a little relaxing time with some live music.
As an additional safety measures, We will continue to serve draft beer and Mix drinks in plastic containers. Please keep in mind that you know your body better than anyone, so if your feeling 100% be considerate of your neighbors and stay home.

Please if don't feel 100% healthy stay home!
Chuck Norris doesn't get Covid-19.....
Covid-19 gets Chuck Norrised
FAC today Randy & Dustin 5:00-8:30
Craig-O-Rator to Follow
Saturday At Patty's Day Parade & Live music will go on As Scheduled.
Sunday Funday with Joe McCarthy 4-7

World's shortest St. Patty's Day parade
Saturday March 14th 2020 2:00 pm
Tavern opens at 11:00 a.m. Corned Beef and Cabbage available. live music with Modern Kowboy at 4 p.m. Call 402.423.9874 to reserve your spot in the parade.
All Roads lead to Roca

Tickets on sale NOW! Limited Tickets available
Monday March 30th 7pm
Tuesday March 31st 7 pm
Call 402.423.9874 Only $20 each

SUNDAY FUNDAY at the Roca Tavern!
Yes it IS the last Sunday of the Month so come Party with Shawn Cole and this Guy (Drunk Monkey) 4:30- 8:00 All Roads Lead to Roca!

Friday's FAC Modern Kowboy 5:00-8:30
Craig-O-Rator to Follow
Saturday Spare Change 8:00-12:00
All Roads Lead To Roca!

[02/12/20]   Roca Tavern 2/14/20
Friday's FAC 5:00-8:30
McCracken & McCarthy
Karaoke to Follow
Saturday 2/15/20
Repeat Offenders 8:00-12:00

[02/07/20]   Today's FAC
Bryron Stoll 5:00-830
Karaoke to follow
Saturday KGB Band 8-12

Super Bowl Party at the Tavern! 3:00 pm
Complementary Chili (while it last)
Drink specials durning the game
Come down for a little fun with good friends

HEY LADIES! We've got three more reasons to come to the tavern.

All roads lead to Roca.

Today FAC Randy Dewey 5:00-8:30
Craig-O-Rator Karaoke to follow
Saturday 8:00-12:00
Them Other Dudes

[01/26/20]   Sunday Funday!
Shawn Cole & Drunk Monkey

[01/23/20]   Entertainment at Roca
Lloyd McCarter & The HTR
Saturday 8:00-12:00
Shawn Cole & Drunk Monkey Sunday 4:30-8:00

[01/23/20]   Happening at The Tavern This weekend
Friday's FAC McCarthy/McCracken
Craig-ORator Karaoke to Follow at 9:00 pm

Chiefs Titan games today on the Big Screen!!
Drinks specials durning the game
Golden Rod Blonde Ale $2.50 during the game

Tonight making their Tavern debut
Brother East Brother West
8:00-12:00 All Roads Lead To Roca

[01/17/20]   Do to the weather today's FAC has been canceled
Karaoke to start at 8:00

Roca Tavern will have both playoff games on the BIG SCREEN today and The NCAA College Football Championship tomorrow
All Roads Lead To Roca!

[01/10/20]   Live music is still on this afternoon at the Roca Tavern
Will Hutchinson 5:00-8:30

Roca Tavern weekend Entertainment schedule
Friday FAC: Will Hutchinson 5:00-830
Craig-O-Rator Karaoke to follow
Saturday: Spare Change 8:00-12:00
All Roads Lead To Roca

Roca Tavern entertainment schedule
Today's FAC Rod Hartwig acoustic 5:00-8:30
Karaoke to follow
Saturday Smokin Otis 8:00-12:00
All Roads Lead To Roca

Happy New Year! from the Roca Tavern we open at 2:00pm today
Live Music 4:00-8:00 With Randy & Dustin

TODAY MONDAY DEC. 30th LIVE MUSIC 7:00pm-11:00. Get a jump start on the NEW YEAR. All Roads Lead To Roca!

Roca Tavern Entertainment Schedule.
Through New Year's Day! Come have some Fun (click on upcoming events)
All Roads Lead To Roca!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from the Roca Tavern.
Today we open at 3:00pm

Can't we all just get along? Come watch the Eagles vs. Cowboys on the Tavern's Big 12 foot BIG SCREEN!!!! 3:30 pm TODAY!!
All Roads Lead To Roca... Even the Superbowl
Good luck to both Teams.

Open Christmas Eve till 1:00am
Open Christmas Day @ 3:00pm

[12/20/19]   Today's FAC Denise Howe & Friends
Karaoke to follow

A Husker WIN!!!!!!! The Tavern will also have the game on tomorrow night as well.. followed by Cole Younger and the renegades

Come down to the Tavern this afternoon & watch The Lady Huskers on the 12 foot
BIG SCREEN!! Today at 3:30pm
FAC: Dustin Prinz following the win
Craig-O-Rator Karaoke 9:00- 1:30
Saturday Cole Younger & The Renegades

Friday's FAC Randy _ Dustin 5:00-8:30
Karaoke to follow at 9:00
Saturday WEST WIND Tavern debut!!!
All Roads Lead To Roca!

Roca Tavern's cover photo

Pre-Thanksgiving party at the Tavern tonight!
Live Music with Doodly Squat 8:00-12:00
Tavern opens at 3:00pm Thrusday

Roca Tavern's cover photo

Thanksgiving week schedule..
Wednesday Doodly Squat 8:00pm-12:00pm
Thanksgiving Day OPEN AT 3:00pm
Friday HUSKER GAME DAY Drink specials durning the game Craig-O-Rator Karaoke @8:00
Saturday Them Other Dudes 8:00-12:00
All Roads Lead To Roca!

As Thanksgiving day approaches, The Roca Tavern would like to give thanks......Thanks That SHAWN COLE & DRUNK MONKEY Start early today @ 4:30.So you all can get home in plenty of time and still make it to work the next 3 days
All Roads Lead to Roca
Side Note ... The Tavern will open Thanksgiving Day @3:00 pm

[11/22/19]   Today's FAC at the Tavern
Pair-O-Pianos 5:00-8:30
Craig-O-Rator Karaoke @ 9pm
Saturday.Husker Game Day open @ 1pm
Repeat Offenders 8:00-12-00
Sunday Funday
Shawn Cole & Drunk Monkey 4:30-8:00
All Roads Lead To Roca

We Believe in the journey.. Greatness is earned not given. GO BIG RED!!
The Tavern will open at 10 AM

Our hearts are heavy on hearing the news of our friend Mike's passing. Mike was truly a great person with genuine kindness that very few people possess. Honored and humbled to count him as one of our friends. Mike you my friend were taken way to soon. Sorely missed but NEVER forgotten. Prayers and thoughts go out to his family.
Jeff & Anne Funk

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