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any idea when you will be opening?
LEGO Lynfred since we can’t actually go into the winery...
Another vineyard view.
Rainbow over a vineyard.
Enjoying our Easter ham with Lynfred's 2012 Chenin Blanc
Wine corks and quarantine
So hear me out...I have this aging bottle of Christmas White I forgot to drink this winter, so tonight I opened it. What would be the name of a cocktail that consists of spiced white wine and elderflower liqueur? Because it's ABSOLUTELY delicious.
Kudos to Lynfred curbside pickup.
My co-workers and I did a virtual happy hour today! I sipped Lynfred Blackberry while chatting with ladies in Florida, California, Washington and Illinois!
Is Wheaton open? Pick up and or curbside?
Lynfred Wine on our cruise journey to the Bahamas and Key West.
Thank you so much for your generous donation to CAAELchella 2020! We are so grateful for your CAAEL support each year! ♥️

Illinois' oldest and largest, continually-operating family winery

Illinois' oldest and largest, continually-operating family winery! For over three decades Lynfred Winery has been creating award-winning wines and memorable experiences for guests.

Weekend vibes.

📷 by Debbie Sweeney

Wine Mizer

I’ve spent a significant part of this month and last talking about hybrids - mostly Chambourcin, Chardonel, some Traminette and, most recently, Vidal Blanc. Most (not all), involved that from vineyards and wineries located in Southern Illinois and along Shawnee Hills AVA. There are wineries in the north of the state that vinify grapes sourced from the state’s south and other areas and it might interest you to learn that many wineries in California and even Europe source their grapes also. In fact, in several areas throughout Europe, “cooperatives” are used. But that’s another story and for a different day. Today, I thought to talk again about Vidal Blanc – another hybrid (and mostly because I had to dump two bottles of wine (not Vidal) because – my fault – I kept them too long. Today’s Vidal Blanc, however, has no worry of that. It is from Lynfred Winery in Illinois with grapes sourced from the Lake Michigan Shore AVA (in Michigan) and happens to be their white wine “Special of the Month” (making it both timely & only $15 and with 10% less for club members). Vidal Blanc is a COMPLEX hybrid, meaning its Vitis parentage can be traced to the cultivation from several grapevines belonging to SEVERAL different species, each attempt taking years in trial. One such parent – Ugni blanc – explains why the French wine grape breeder (Jean Louis Vidal) wanted to use it in the production of Cognac (the main grape used in making Cognac today). Its other parent was a Seibel grape (Rayon d’Oro, itself ANOTHER inter-specific crossing of Aramon du Gard and Seibel 405, each of which are inter-specific crossing themselves!). So here then is a mix of Vitis vinifera, rupestris and astivalis species and now you’re getting bored, I understand. But here’s the point. It’s delicious. The grape was developed to be more cold tolerant and so it is popular in Canada (used in ice and other wine), and in many states throughout the Midwest and Northeast of the U.S. It’s even grown in Sweden! And it can be made dry, off dry, sweet, or even so sweet as to being definitely a dessert wine. The grape itself contains both sufficient sugar and acid to allow for variations in its vinification. So, what to expect from Lynfred’s rendition? Aromas of lime zest with chilled, white melon as a balance. On the palate? A meld (hinted) of pink grapefruit, minerals, lemon curd and some herbaceous notes. A whispered hint of un-ripe pear. More a symphony than a concerto. Regarding the lime as opposed to that of the other such wines I’ve mentioned... well, that’s up to you. All palates are personal. But by the way, the ARP for this wine is $22 ($15 this month at the winery) and it was awarded SILVER at the 2006 #FingerLakesInternationalWineCompetition and both the 2000 and 2005 Indy International Wine Competition. Consider pairing with salads, white fish, goat's cheese and a wide range of vegetables. Lynfred pairs a “Fallen Lemon Cheese Souffle” (I would kill for that – go to their site for the recipe). Grapes were sourced from the Lemon Creek Winery in Berrien Springs, Michigan (I’ve visited this and many other wineries throughout the Lake Michigan Shore AVA. ALC: 12.1%. RS: 0.1% - very crisp & important to know if you’re watching your sugar. Ph: 3.16. TA: 9.6 g/L. Michigan Wine Collaborative. Consider this a multi-state cooperation and always #SupportYourLocalWinery

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Today Lynfred Winery will be closing early at 2:45pm. A peaceful protest is scheduled to go in front of the winery’s entrance on Roselle Road to Main Street. On suggestion of our local police, and for the safety of our customers and the protesters, we will be closing our gates a little before 3pm.

Thank you for understanding.

Happy National Cheese Day! We prefer to call it 'Cheese & Wine Day'!

This Friday, June 5, Lynfred Winery will be closing early at 3pm. A peaceful protest is scheduled to go in front of the winery’s entrance on Roselle Road to Main Street. On suggestion of our local police, and for the safety of our customers and the protesters, we will be closing our gates a little before 3pm.

Thank you for understanding.

The Village of Roselle and the Roselle Police Department received notification from a group of people identified with Black Lives Matter that they are planning a protest walk in solidarity with George Floyd in the Roselle community on Friday, June 5. The group plans to assemble at the Lake Park High School West Campus, 550 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., at 5:00 p.m., with their route taking them east on Bryn Mawr Avenue, north on Roselle Road, east on Main Street, and south on Prospect Street to the Police Department parking lot at 103 S. Prospect St.

The group has advertised a peaceful protest. Protests of this nature are a protected form of the Constitutional right to free speech and assembly.

The Roselle Police Department has been in contact with the event’s organizers, and officers will be present for everyone’s safety. As a precaution, the Roselle Police Department recommends that business in the areas near the protest walk route, from Bryn Mawr Ave. to the south, Hill St. to the west, Irving Park Road to the north, and Howard St. to the east, close starting at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 5. Some businesses may wish to board their windows as a precaution. We expect that this will be a peaceful gathering and respect the right of the people to peaceably assemble, but remind attendees that violent acts will not be tolerated.

The Roselle Police Department and Village of Roselle will utilize social media feeds to continue to keep the community updated.

Tonight on Zoom: Virtual Member Mixer. We'll be talking about the June wines of the month!…/ev…/_/2686/Zoom-Member-Mixer/

Tonight on Zoom: Virtual Member Mixer. We'll be talking about the June wines of the month!

Tomorrow is going to be so GOUDA!

In preparation of National Cheese Day on Thursday, June 4, we are sharing some of our favorite wine and cheese pairings! What will you be pairing?

Our general manager has the best face mask around! #willonlyremoveforwine 🍷🤣🙌🏻

[06/01/20]   Coming to the Winery

Wines of the Month | Lynfred Winery

The June wines of the month are now available for pick up!

NEW RELEASE & RED WINE CLUBS: Merlot 2017. Merlot is one of the world's most popular red wines, ranging from worldwide famed regions like Bordeaux and Napa Valley, as well as up-and-coming appellations in Chile, Australia and South Africa. Here in the USA, Washington has become a leading growing area for Merlot grapes, in terms of both quantity and quality, making Merlot wine with remarkable fruity flavors and vibrant acidity.

Our Merlot grapes were grown at Kamiak Vineyards, Columbia Valley, Washington. We aged our Merlot for 26 months in American oak and blended in 10% Petite Sirah for color and body. This full-bodied Merlot displays notes of plum, vanilla, cherries, oak, chocolate and warm baking spices. A hint of mint and blackberry lead to a velvety finish with firm tannins and lively acidity.

This stunning Merlot would pair beautifully with roasted chicken, pastas, risotto and eggplant lasagna. Merlot is a friend to blue, Cheddar and Gorgonzola cheeses, making it a perfect charcuterie wine!

WHITE WINE CLUB: Muscat of Alexandria 2019. Muscat of Alexandria is considered an 'ancient vine', one of the oldest genetically unmodified vines still in existence. It originated (as its name suggests) around the great city of Alexandria, at the western edge of the Nile Delta in Egypt. Today this grape is widely used in sweet wine production in Europe and grape spirits in Chile (South America).

The grapes for our Muscat of Alexandria were grown in Lodi, California at Colavida Vineyards. Aged in stainless steel, this bright, slightly sweet white has lively aromas of lemon, lime, orange blossoms and green apple; it might possibly be the best poolside wine in existence.

Pair this Muscat of Alexandria with soft French cheeses, goat cheese, fresh fruit, Asian cuisine and salads with lemon vinaigrette.

We are featuring our Peach Wine to our Fruit Wine Club members and our Sparkling Apricot, to Dessert & Sparkling Wine Club members. Dessert & Sparkling Club members get 50% off bottles of Sparkling Apricot all month long!

Coming to pick up your wine of the wine of the month? Either call ahead or drive up and call. We also have our sales area open for wine sales.

Lynfred Winery Wheeling

Starting Monday, June 1st, we will reopen our doors for bottle purchases and wine club pick ups only. Here’s a video for what to expect when you enter our facility. We will continue curbside pick up as well! Thank you for your support!

Today is the last day to purchase a 3-pack vertical tasting! Each kit includes 3 bottles of wine, a tasting sheet and a video to follow along with local sommelier, Aileen Carroll! 🍷🍷🍷

Call 630.529.9463 to place your order and pick up at your convenience.

📷 by Damon Nichols

While we have all been sheltering in place the past two months, our cellar crew have been busy making new wine! Check out the May Cellar Report from Lynfred Winemaker, Rodrigo Gonzalez.

It's rhubarb season! Have you ever tried our Rhubarb Wine? It's crazy good!

🌸☀️🌧🌷 2020 SPRING WINE 🌸☀️🌧🌷

Hi 👋🏼 This is the final piece to our 2020 Spring Collection🙌🏼. ENJOY!

From our original anchor winery partners 🤝 in Roselle, Illinois➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ Lynfred Winery.

About this wine...

Hi 👋🏼.......I’m Rhubarb💚🔴. No emoji for me yet😭 but look 👀 at beautiful selfie 🤳 here. 100% rhubarb from Oregon! Aromas of tropical fruit, orange zest with touches of pear. Medium-body that is semi-sweet with a hint of rhubarb tartness. Finishes refreshing, tropical & crisp.

Available {ONLINE} at our brand new {shoppable} store at starting RIGHT NOW.

Welcome to our newest addition💚
(7 of 7)

This is it❤️ Enjoy!!

We have been working diligently on a safe program for reopening and are happy to say we are one step closer to toasting you in person. We appreciate all of your patience, your extreme loyalty and your friendship. Thank you.

Check out the Wine Day giveaway on Good Day Stateline!

Our Wine Day Giveaway has officially begun! Enter to win three delicious wines from Lynfred Winery in Roselle. You have until Wednesday at 3 p.m. to complete the quiz. We'll announce the winner next Sunday on Good Day Stateline.
Good Luck!

Lynfred Winery Oktoberfest Cancelled After 40 Years Due to Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We're taking a break from Tidbit Tuesday this week to share some news. It is with heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of our Oktoberfest festival.

"Fred Koehler, founder of Lynfred Winery, was the inspiration behind the festival. His family came from a long line of winemakers in Germany, and he wanted to share his German heritage with his customers and neighbors. While Mr. Koehler passed away in 2011, his legacy of Oktoberfest kept on. "The festival was always meant to be a celebration of the grape harvest every fall" states Lynfred general manager, Andres Basso, "but with today's current situation it has caused us to step back and reevaluate the event and the public's safety. We are hoping to come back in a year or two with some new celebrations." Lynfred Winery announced today that based on an abundance of caution it will be abandoning the annual Oktoberfest celebration.

Happy National Wine Day!

Show us how you're celebrating in the comments.

📷 by JoAnn Wilson

Great Full Plate

Happy National Wine Day! Pick up bottles from your favorite local winery & we'll design a menu to pair perfectly with each course. Book a wine dinner at!

#greatfullplate #lynfredwinery #nationalwineday #chicagofoodmag #timeoutchicago #personalchef #chicagofoodie #chicagochefs #chicagofood #chicagofoodandwine #chicagowine

We are so very greatful this Memorial Day. Let today be meaningful.

Celebrate National Wine Day, all weekend, with 25% off all wine purchases!*

*members only, does not include Wine Tasting Kits & WOM

Order ONLINE and use code WINEDAY25.


Here's a fun Throwback Thursday going back to November 15, 1989!
The New York Times featured an article called, 'Praise for Winery in Illinois (Yes, Illinois)'.

"In 1980, Lynfred sold 2,000 cases of wine, and this year it expects to sell 6,000. Sales are so promising that Mr. Koehler will soon begin building an elegant winery in the back lot. When it is completed, perhaps in five years, it will have cost $2 million, he said."

Look how much we've grown! We now produce over 30K cases of wine a year!

We have shelter in place wine tasting kits!

Choose between red, white, sweet or a winemaker's selection. Each kits comes with three bottles of wine, a tasting sheet and a video to watch along with local sommelier ARC Somm!

It's time for Tidbit Tuesday! Every Tuesday at 10:30 we post a question and the first correct comment posted wins a bottle of Rose'* for a penny! The correct answer will be posted at 11:30am (CST).

*for legal purposes

New Facebook Series: ‘Happy Hour with the Hoovers’ featuring Tracy Hoover and Jeff Hoover from the ‘WGN Morning News’

We are excited to announce that we will be featured on tonight's Happy Hour with the Hoovers'! Jeff & Tracy will be making a Rose' cocktail. Be sure to tune in around 6-ish on Jeff Hoover's page! Jeff Hoover from the WGN Morning News along with his wife Tracy join WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to talk about cocktailing at home with their fun new Facebook series ‘Happy Hour with the Hoovers’, airin…

Meet the Staff Monday!
Say hi to Manuel, Rene and Juan. 👋

Family Men. Wine Makers. Dilligent Gents.

We thought it would be fun to introduce you to Andres & Rodrigo's cellar crew today; Manuel, Rene & Juan! The three of these guys together have over 40 years at Lynfred Winery! All three of these awesome men work tirelessly every day to help make every single one of our wines. They are there from harvest to bottle and do it with smiles on their faces.

Next time you open a bottle of Lynfred wine, raise a toast to the Lynfred Cellar Crew, Manuel, Rene' and Juan! 🍷

Manuel Gaby Torres Rene Tellez

What do YOU miss most about visiting Lynfred? Post your favorite Lynfred pics in the comments!

“I miss the Wine Down Friday's we had P-COVID! I want my WDF back!” - Karen Robinson

National Mimosa Day & Breakfast Wines

Gearing up for National Mimosa Day tomorrow? Take a look at our virtual happy hour presentation about Mimosa & Breakfast wines!

Saturday, May 16th is National Mimosa Day. Take a picture of your mimosa and post it to our social media with #lynfredwinery.

Order sparkling wines (and all your breakfast wine essentials) by calling 630.529.9463. National Mimosa Day & Breakfast Wines

Our blue ribbons are hung with care in support of the seniors graduating this year!

We support you Lake Park High School! 🎓💙🎓

Missing our Founder's Room? We're missing serving you! Take home some of your favorite Founder's Room, with an additional 10% off today through Sunday!


Syrah 2015
Cinsault-Petite Sirah 2014
Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Late Harvest Petite Sirah

$35 each, before discount*
*members only sale
Call 630.529.9463 to place your order

Virtual Thirsty Thursday: Mimosas & Breakfast Wines | Lynfred Winery - Make Reservation

Mimosas with Matt at 5pm today! Join us for a fun Zoom session featuring mimosa recipes and breakfast wines. Sign up to get the invite emailed to you at 4:30.

Caption this!

📷 by Michael Magnini

Who’s ready for some wine trivia with Lynfred? Look out Jeopardy, we’re coming in hot!

[05/12/20]   Tomorrow at 5pm we'll be hosting our LIVE Wine Wednesday. We're going to do some fun trivia, but we also want to know YOUR wine questions! Ask them here and we'll bring them up in tomorrow's LIVE event!

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