Utica Billiards on the Boulevard

Utica Billiards on the Boulevard


I would also love to come by your pool room after all of this is over with and play some snooker ASAP. I have been jealous with Demian Provost posts about playing snooker there! Much love and stay safe.
Ok andrea, I am coming to whip Joseph Underwood out again, pleas have a box of tissues for his arrival, he gon need em
So THIS is how to play?!
I’m free today if u still wanted to challenge me
Love this place
Anyone down there to challenge
Hey ya got anymore updates on the bracket
god bless you Roger we had some good laughs playing four ways some years ago a great banker you where
Team Registration is Now!! Boy are people going to be sick when they knew they could have played for this kind of money ($245,000 payout for 1 session😳) and decided to wait til next session to see if it’s for real! Don’t be the team left behind!!! www.ublnow.com Contact me!😁
Okay players of NY don’t be the team that says “I should have played!” That could have been us that won the $100,000 first place, or $40,000 second place or $5,000 last place! This will be the largest league payout in the history of leagues! It’s happening! I hope to see NY represented in the UBL bonus round.
PLAYER ALERT: Sign up by Dec.15 for the 2019/20 UBL League Season. NO Annual dues! Inquire at Utica Billiards today. $100,000. 1st Place 8 Ball 5 Player Team

Family-centered billiard room featuring 9-ft and 7-ft pocket pool tables, a 10-ft billiard table, a 12-ft snooker table, food, tv, music, games and more!

Utica Billiards is an affordable, friendly billiard parlor open to all ages and skill levels, featuring 9-ft and 7-ft pocket billiard tables, a 12-ft snooker table, a 10-ft heated carom billiard table, a ping-pong table, coin-op darts and foosball and sales of cues, cases and other billiard supplies as well as a snack/food counter with finger foods (mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, nachos, toasted ravioli, jalapeno poppers, etc.), chips, candy, and a wide array of non-alcoholic beverages like coffee, hot teas, sodas, energy drinks, coconut waters, fruit drinks and more. Recommended ages for younger players is around 7-8 (or of a height to comfortably reach the table). Special events throughout the year. Pro-Am stops twice a year (Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour). Weekly in-house tournaments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Enjoy the sunshine, my pretties! Soon I’ll have you back in my grasp! 🤭🤣


Greetings everyone!

I expect to reopen on Monday, July 6, 2020.

The exact details will follow as we get a little closer, so please stay tuned. There will be capacity restrictions and you should expect that masks and temperature checks will be required.

I anticipate phase 4 will begin June 26, however, as I've been following all of the daily reports since this shutdown began, there have been some significant issues of non-compliance in phase three alluded to by our County Executive that led him to warn that continued non-compliance could delay phase 4. So for that reason, I feel more comfortable allowing a buffer.

Also, though many of my customers think I'm against making money, I am not. LOL! Seeing as phase 4 will be the first time that everything will be open since NYS on Pause began in March and with the Fourth of July week in that coming week, I would expect that week to be unprofitable.

There is a lot more to do behind the scenes as far as meeting the reopening requirements of the state and local governments that I am required to sign off on and I expect I can get it done by then.

So, thank you for all of your enthusiasm and for all the people who have been checking in with me by phone and messaging this whole time. I hope to reward your patience by returning you to an even better place than you left and I look forward to sharing many exciting updates with you in the next couple of weeks!

One thing I can share now is that I have purchased a second ball cleaning machine that will hopefully help us to have the most disinfected, cleanest, sparkliest balls possible! Much more to come.

Can't wait to see you!

4petsake Food Pantry, Inc.


Max Eberle - Professional Pool Player

Sign up for free access to learn what I call the Master Drill
explained and filmed with a GoPro for Pro Pool Academy
Members only, until now, as part of this limited time free trial
where you also get access to more game changing lessons!

This is in West Virginia...

For sale, 10ft Diamond table. Custom made to 4-1/8th pocket from the factory. Will deliver for the right price, no steps. Table is selling for $9500 with matching light.


Willie Thorne Passes Away - WPBSA

wpbsa.com Willie Thorne, one of snooker’s most charismatic and recognisable figures, has died at the age of 66. Thorne was diagnosed with leukaemia in March this year and spent several weeks battling the illness. Last week he was taken to hospital with low blood pressure, before suffering respiratory failur...

A heartfelt thank you to Amy, Lowe’s in North Utica and Lowe’s Corporate for the generous donation of N95 masks to my business—keeping me safe so I can keep you safe! ❤️ Lowe's Home Improvement Mayor Robert M. Palmieri

We’ll be back soon! Stay tuned!

Utica Billiards on the Boulevard

Utica Billiards on the Boulevard's cover photo

Jeanette Lee "The Black Widow"

Race to 11. Alternate Breaks. Best of 7 sets wins the Series. Jeanette won the first set 11-10. This is the second set.

I resemble this statement. Sigh.

Jeanette Lee "The Black Widow"

Tonight @ 6pm we will live stream our Challenge match on this page! Tonight will be Part 2 in a Race to 4 sets. I won the first match a couple weeks ago 11-10. WOO-HOO! We will try our best no matter what, we're just getting back playing again. Hopefully this Black Widow Challenge Series will light a fire under us.
I'm very fortunate to have my friends Jeannie Seaver and Sonya Chbeeb living right here in Tampa now. A few Women's Pro tournaments are coming up so having strong competition with two amazing and beautiful women are a huge blessing for me. Jeannie is a great player and we thought it would be cool to show two women kick butt on the pool table while we are having so much FUN!!!. We hope you enjoy. Also, a bonus that we've been able to secure Mary Guarino doing commentary for us. See you soon!

It’s going down at Brick House Billiards!


THAT 3.35in Pocket.

#JOY #Q8 #Tight #ForSeriousPlayers

[06/12/20]   Congratulations to East Ridge Billiards in Rochester which re-opened for regular business today along with many other bar and restaurant establishments! We wish them the best!

Also note, Brick House Billiards in Syracuse is hosting a fish fry today and chicken BBQ tomorrow--pick up or outdoor seating.

We will be opening as a part of phase 4 recreation businesses. So, hopefully we are only a few weeks away as our community continues to do the right thing and stay on track! As I have an exact date, I will share it here and what you can expect in terms of changes!

We're getting there!!! Stay safe and smart everyone!

It's unanimous.


Oneida County Government

As part of the county’s partnership with the American Dairy Association North East, the next public milk and mask giveaway will take place today at 11 a.m. at the Griffiss Business & Technology Park in Rome. Two gallons of milk and a five pack of cloth masks will be given to each car while supplies last.

I call a do over! LOL! 🤣🤣🤣

Kamui Brand

I have been really impressed with her game!

We asked professional pool player Margaret Fefilova (2X Euro Tour winner, 7X Euro Tour runner-up, 27X National Champion) to take us through one of her favorite drills and describe her thought process for successfully completing it.

Thanks to poolbilliards.co for the excellent drill. Try it yourself at https://www.poolbilliards.co/practice/demo/1308

Thanks to Gratis for the music

World Snooker Tour


World Champion Judd Trump returns to action this afternoon!

Check out Group B 🔥

Watch live on ITV4 from 2.50pm!

ICEA Chinese Pool

LIVE: Dai Yong VS Zhang Xiaotong - 2nd Session

Powered by Restream https://restream.io/

Duel King Chinese 9-Ball Challengers S2
Stage 1/ 50 Racks per Match/ Round-robin
Live from Qinhuangdao, China

[06/10/20]   Small Business Owners—Lots of changes have been made to the PPP to make it a better option for truly small businesses. June
14 is the last day to apply.

PPP updates
• More time to use your funds: Businesses now have up to 24 weeks (up from 8 weeks) from the date you receive the loan.
• More time to restore your payroll: You now have until December 31, 2020 (instead of June 30) to rehire employees and/or bring wages back to 75% of pre-Covid levels.
• More spending flexibility: Up to 40% of your loan (up from 25%) can be spent on eligible non-payroll expenses (business rent, utilities, mortgage interest) and still be eligible for forgiveness.
• More time to pay: PPP loans now have a repayment term of five years instead of two years.
• A different time horizon before payments are due: Repayment deferral has been changed from 6 months to the date of your loan forgiveness decision. Businesses must begin making payments if they do not apply for and receive forgiveness within about 16 months of receiving the PPP loan funds.
• Low 1% fixed annual interest rate: This is still the rate for any loan amounts not forgiven.
Our Support Center article is constantly updated and has more details about these changes. Be sure to keep checking back for the latest news, or visit the SBA’s PPP website.
Apply for PPP funding
If your business hasn’t yet received a PPP loan, you can still apply through Square Capital. The SBA will stop approving loans after June 30, 2020, so the following application deadlines will ensure we can process your application and get it to the SBA quickly:
• June 14, 2020: Deadline to start your application.
• June 23, 2020: Deadline to fully complete your application.
Important application details
Be sure to upload the exact payroll and tax documents required. Incorrect documents will delay your application.
• If you have employees: If you filed at least one W-2, yourself included, you’ll need to have prepared either your 2019 940, 941 (quarterly forms), 944, or W-3.
• If you don’t have employees: You’ll need to have a prepared 2019 1040 Schedule C form to upload. Your taxes don’t have to be filed yet.
If you’re looking for more detailed information about PPP, our application guide will be able to answer any questions you have. If you’re ready to apply, start your PPP application.

Dairy and produce distribution at MVCC on June 17th. See below as you have to pre-register.

PLEASE NOTE: Food Bank of Central New York is hosting a food distribution at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, NY on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, in cooperation with Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets through the Nourish New York initiative. This distribution will contain dairy and produce items from Upstate New York growers and producers. If you are in need of food assistance, you must pre-register and sign-up at www.eventbrite.com/e/nourish-ny-mvcc-tickets-108444219580

Rome Daily Sentinel

Milk and mask giveaway this Thursday at Griffiss! Pro tip: Don't drink the milk with your mask on.

More than 8,000 gallons of free milk, along with face masks, will be distributed in Rome on Thursday, June 11. The American Dairy Association North East is partnering with Oneida County in organizing the free event at Griffiss Business & Technology Park.

Billiard Planet

Happy birthday Earl “the Pearl” Strickland !!!

Max Eberle - Professional Pool Player

Original pool oil paintings for sale! All recently created for me by the amazing Mexican Artist, Filipe Angel Ruelas Lopez in his signature 3D style. The frames are made by Filipe also in his signature rustic style. The small ones are 8 by 10's and the bigger ones well you can see the comparison as I don't have the exact sizes. The small ones are $90 (DSL shipping included) and the bigger ones are $130 (DSL shipping included). I'll do 10% off if you get two or more pieces. These are one of a kind originals by a Mexican legend, don't miss your chance... The more detailed Bulldog shooting pool painting is 22 by 27 and bigger if you measure the frame, that one is $300 plus shipping which could be around 100... message me at max (at) maxeberle.com if you want one, thanks!

Talked to Smokin' Joe yesterday. He called me Saturday to check on me and I missed his call. I called him back and he actually answered the phone. Whoa!!!! (He's notorious for not answering the phone). I told him I feel very special. I'm on a very short list of people for whom he actually answered the phone! He laughed and said, "You're right!" LOL! He's doing well, just itching to get back playing but also trying to stay safe.

Utica Billiards on the Boulevard

Utica Billiards on the Boulevard's cover photo

Who is that masked woman? It’s me!!! 🤣 I’ll just have to be more animated than I usually am. 😳🤭🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣


Oh how that hurts. Are you ready?



Mayor Robert M. Palmieri

Job seekers...

Job Orders for June 8 – June 12, 2020

Ellen Bennett
Business Services Representative

New York State Department of Labor | Mohawk Valley Region
State Office Building
207 Genesee St., Second Floor
Utica, NY 13501
P: 315-793-5344 | [email protected]

Monday June 8, 2020

Job Title: Accounts Payable/Payroll Specialist City Utica, NY

Full time, for a local accounting and business service company. Duties: Perform accounts payable and payroll functions for various business clients. Requirements: Associates degree in accounting, finance or a related field and 2 years’ experience with payroll and accounts payable. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office software, able to use 10-Key by touch and type 40 WPM.

Pay: $33,000-$36,000/ year, based on experience. Benefits Job Order # NY1340760


Monday June 8, 2020

Job Title: Apprentice Carpenter City: Utica and surrounding areas

Full time for a regional labor union. Duties: Learn to be a carpenter in the commercial construction trade. On-the job and classroom training provided. Requirements: High school diploma or the equivalent, a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation to and from work and training sites. Must be able to lift 50 lbs. and have the physical ability to perform the work. Drug test required.

Pay: Not specified. Benefits Job Order # NY1340601


Tuesday June 9, 2020

Job Title: Machine Operator City Utica, NY

Full time for a local manufacturer of advanced textiles. Duties: Set up and operate production machines. Requirements: High School diploma or its equivalent and one year of any kind of manufacturing or production experience. An equivalent combination of education & experience will be considered.

Pay: $14 per hour Job Order # NY1340622


Tuesday June 9, 2020

Job Title: CDL Driver City Whitesboro, NY

Full time for a local container and disposal service. Duties: Safely operate company trucks for pick up of refuse and recyclables. Requirements: Must have a clean New York State Class B driver’s license.

Pay: Not specified Job Order # NY1340557

Wednesday June 10, 2020

Job Title: Engineering Manager City Oriskany, NY

Full time for a well-established manufacturing group. Duties: Serve as the engineering leader and technical expert specializing in electrical skills for new product development. Answer questions and resolve issues from engineering team members. Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and 1 year of experience.

Pay: Not specified Job Order # NY1340510


Wednesday June 10, 2020

Job Title: Service Liaison City Utica, NY

Full time for a local human service agency. Duties: Provide oversight for the integration and implementation of services for people with special needs. Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in the field of human services, education or social work OR 5 years of proven experience in the Human Service field.

Pay: Not specified. Benefits Job Order # NY1340580

Thursday June 11, 2020

Job Title: Optician City Herkimer, NY

Part time, for a local Optometrist’s office. Duties: Greeting patients, answering phones and scheduling appointments. Assisting patients with frame selection, providing contact lens training when needed, and dispensing glasses. Requirements: New York State Opticians License and 1 year of office experience required. Other medical/dental office experience will be considered.

Pay: Not specified Job Order # NY1340807


Thursday June 11, 2020

Job Title: Production Operator City Cazenovia, NY

Full time, 2nd shift for a local manufacturer. Duties: Operate machines to complete the process of metalizing ceramic plates. Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent and 1-2 years' experience operating machinery. Experience with computers, measuring instruments and tools required

Pay: $14 per hour. Benefits Job Order # NY1340743

Friday June 12, 2020

Job Title: Electrician City Westmoreland, NY

Full time for a local family-owned HVAC company. Duties: Provide electrical services to both commercial and residential customers. Supervise apprentices and oversee power installations. Requirements: Associates degree in electrical technology or 1-2 years of related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must be able to lift up to 75 lbs.

Pay: $15-$25 per hour based on experience Job Order # NY1340657


Friday June 12, 2020

Job Title: CNC Machine Operator City Lakeport, NY

Full time for a local custom machine shop. Requirements: High School Diploma or the equivalent. Must have mechanical aptitude, math ability and problem-solving skills Must demonstrate a willingness to learn, be well organized and maintain safety awareness while working around equipment.

Pay: Not specified. Job Order # NY1340726


Pool Lessons - The Secret to Extreme Cut Shots!!

http://www.zerox-billiards.com The next time you have an extremely thin cut shot aim to miss the pocket! It works every time - to learn more check out the vi...

How I got here...

With healthy doses of both sadness and excitement I recently announced the move from Hippos in Yorkville to this new location. Hippos had been an integral part of my life for almost 20 years. I moved to NYS from Ohio in 1997 fresh out of graduate school knowing no one. I had played pool fairly regularly throughout college after taking an introductory pool class to fulfill a physical education requirement as a freshman. I may be one of the few people to ever get college credit for playing pool! At some point early in my residency in NY, I saw a TV commercial for Hippos. I had seen it off the side of the road, but being a single woman new to the area, I was hesitant to go in. When I saw the commercial, I thought, “Wow. That looks like a nice place!” and I visited.

I had so much fun playing that I wanted to go every day, but I thought that would look weird. So there were days I wanted to go that I didn’t. However, when I did go in, I started to notice I saw the same people every time and I realized it was okay to come every day. I can honestly say that there were many years where I didn’t move back to Ohio or anywhere else because I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Hippos. To have had the chance to re-open the doors of a place that has meant so much to me for so long is something that I will always cherish and can hardly believe happened to me. Even so, though the Hippos story is a story of family, success, and perseverance, there’s a part of me that has felt like I’m telling someone else’s story, living in someone else’s house.

I may not be able to have 25 years of success like the Contes had there. Chances are I won’t. Not many businesses do what they did --especially in a declining industry where more than 50% of pool halls (and as high as 80% in some areas) closed over the past couple of decades--but I want to try. There’s too much work, sweat and tears involved in running a business like this without it being “my story.” Therefore, my next chapter will begin sometime around the start of May, with this place!

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Hands-free Shake




2222 Oriskany St. W.
Utica, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 14:00 - 23:00
Tuesday 14:00 - 23:00
Wednesday 14:00 - 23:00
Thursday 14:00 - 00:00
Friday 14:00 - 00:00
Saturday 14:00 - 00:00
Sunday 14:00 - 23:00
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