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Thank you lord for bringing this picture into our lives
Come stop in to Ray's Timeout today! We our giving away a Bears and Patriots signed jersey. (Must be present to win) Plus a 50" tv! Come in and see me and get some awesome Beer Wing and Pizza specials! Ray Detlefs
Working today until 6pm for the football games! We are giving a way a Kansas City Chiefs Jersey and have a bunch of specials.
Please try Rays pizza, combo app platter and anything buffalo. I’m in food withdraw obviously.
New Ray's Timeout shirts! Come in and get one before they're gone! $15.00
Thank you Ray for Hosting the 3rd Annual Time Out Amvets Golf Tournament!
This is a horrible bar bar for VN Viet I have never been so insulted or but down in all my life
All new breakfast menu starting January 7th we will open at 6AM! Monday-Saturday
Went Saturday to watch Iowa-PSU game. Waitress waited on us for first part of the game, ignored us the 2nd half of the game until they wanted to cash out. I was going to get food to go but wasn't about to give them more business. Next time I'll go to Legends.
Hope to see everyone for a ghoulishly great time!!!
Stop in this Sunday!!! Caitlin and I will be serving up some sweet deals! 🍻🏀
Come bring in the New Year with us!!! Don't forget to utilize the MTA!!! BE SAFE! BE SMART! HOPE TO SEE YOU!!!

What a week we all had !!! But we are back to staying open to 2am ... and Thursday nights will be second shift night at Timeout starting at 11pm to close all Tall boys domestic beer will be 1.50 and double bubble wells every Thursday night and this Saturday June 6th we have the return of live music at 8pm with the rock a billy sound of 3 on the tree ...cool off with some great music and enjoy our new tap brew bikini bottom pineapple or cherry bomb blonde ..,

Third week a in a row 💪🏼💪🏼meeting a lot of nice people from Detroit , Indiana, Wisconsin,Illinois,etc ... nice weather brings the bikes out .... it’s nice to hear them say they hear about my bar as far as Detroit Michigan.... great group of guys and gals last three weekends .. my pleasure to meet you all and always welcome back .... safe travels my new friends

Live music !!!!!!! 3 on the Tree here next Saturday

[05/27/20]   Save the date !!!!!! Saturday June 6th at 8pm ...........something we all been waiting for here at Rays Timeout ...... stay tuned for the announcement.....

Coming soon !!!!!

Most requested coming within the week cherry bomb is already here bikini bottom comes tomorrow and ciderboys be this weekend. We said a week ago with What went down last couple months my bar and me personally are going to do a lot more buy local and spend local ... Support local businesses!!! buy American made !!!!

Wow sold out in 3 hours 💪🏼💪🏼I’ll order more hope to get them in next week ....shout out to Adcraft for a great job getting them done

[05/20/20]   Man how much longer?? I’ll admit back on March 17th when the state closed me up ,I honestly thought it be for 2 weeks .thinking how can they possibly do this ? But here 2 months later here we are still can not run my bar at full capacity or see all my great friends circling the bar ? Just every other table of 6.😢.Im great full I can at least do this much. In that time we have seen gas prices at their lowest (now inching back up) ,food being hard to buy or even find. I know friends say places secretly add a dollar to their burgers because of the price of beef ??? Wow if I did that for every time the market changed on limes tomatoes lettuce ground beef etc over these last 10 years in business I’d be printing new menus with price changes every month . Here at Timeout I’m like all of you . I know markets go up and down and I keep my prices the same especially in a crisis like we all are experiencing...no price gouging here . You all work hard for your money ... when I opened up I’d made a promise to myself. Owning a place that was honest to the American workers (10 dollar ribeye steak dinners) (.50 cent chicken wings) etc . Clinton herald did a piece on Rays Timeout back in 2011 and if I can find it I’m going to hang it up in the bar but I said back then I’m not in it to get rich I’m in it to make friends and boy have I ... thank you all for the great support and I hope I can continue to give you all a great neighborhood bar and grill that you all deserve ......Ray

[05/13/20]   Ok patrons we are going to add two maybe three tappers so I’m going to let you all decide what the bar will add on draft so let me hear it fire away

Well sorry to say with not knowing when they will open bars to full capacity yet .... Our annual golf outing that was planned for June 6 th has been rescheduled for Saturday August 22nd at 9am teams that have signed up are still good to go and everything will remain the same ( but the date of the outing) . sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone ..... Ray and Wayne

Starting Friday May 1st we will have dine in but with stiff rules laid out by the state .
1. There is absolutely no sitting at the bar ( chairs will be up so your not tempted)
2. Until they open bars you MUST order food to be able to drink alcoholic beverages.
3. We will seat you as we will sit every other table there will be NO pushing tables together
4. The Patio is open and have 6 tables outside if you like a patio table let the hostess know when she seats you
5. We are not allowed to play pool , darts, etc but CAN play the jukebox.
6. Seating will be restricted to no more then 4 per table
7. The bartenders are more like waitresses under this new program so they will bring your drinks and food and check to your table (please try not to go up to the bar for any reason)
8. Sanitizers are by front door and throughout the bar please use them
9. Rest assured that after a table leaves the table and chairs are wiped down with peroxide /Clorox cleaner before it is used again( that is why we will seat you )
10. Common sense please hopefully this will only be for a couple weeks I know it isn’t the best situation but it is the cards we are delt at this time .

We will still offer curbside carry out through this still for those that are not comfortable to come in and dine yet
Also Ray will be at the door if we are filled he will kindly ask to to wait in your car for a table to open up Thank you the understanding as we here at TImeout want to get somewhat back to normal business and hope a few of you can enjoy a night out for dinner ..

Ok hours just while this is under restrictions
Mon Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we will open at 7am (still serving breakfast) and will close at 10pm or there about depending on business.

Friday and Saturday we open at 7am - Midnight or after if we have a hungry crowd (remember have to eat to drink)

Sunday we will be closed to deep clean and give my staff a break as not all my staff will be returning at this moment for there choice and will be back when we are fully able to open .

Ok sorry for the long message but hopefully this will help you in what to expect with the guidelines set by the state ...

Thank you all for your continued support ...Ray

[04/28/20]   Talk about the roughest night trying to sleep in my life!!!! I tossed and turned running with my thoughts all night about what to do with my business!! Do I open with the restrictions Friday? Do I just continue with the carry out delivery? Do I just close till this is all over with? Which in fact nobody knows when or if that will ever happen!! Safety is my one and only concern not with just my fabulous customers but also with my top notch staff with that being said and with the rules put out with the partial reopen I can comfortably have social distancing with the size of my bar to set people every other table etc . I realize that some people may look down on my decision and that is perfectly ok . I totally understand if someone isn’t comfortable yet coming out to dine . But talking with my staff and dwelling on this decision this is more for the mentality of some of you that NEED to get out and for us here at Timeout ! I like to stress that none of my workers are being “forced” to work or lose there unemployment. I would and never do that to any of them . But they too along with a lot of you want to get someway back to “normal” life again and are bitting at the bit to get back to work ...with this being said we are looking forward to seeing most of you Friday and for the others that feel the need to wait ? Well god bless and we will “leave the light on” when you want to come back .... one last thing my friends , this is all uncharted territory we all have gone through and continue to go through... thank you all for the continued support and like I said 7 weeks ago WE will get through this .... God bless you all.....Ray

[04/27/20]   Hey guys! I just was in on a conference call w the Iowa restaurant association. There will be another call Wednesday at 3pm w the department of health and the department of inspections, but here is what they said so far. Please keep in mind this is per the call and I am only relaying information. If you have further questions, you can call 515-276-1454 or email [email protected].

🦠a restaurant must have a kitchen and prepare their own food.
🦠 if you are considered a restaurant but have an entertainment room (such as a pool hall or bowling alley, etc) you may open but you MUST close the pool hall or bowling alley
🦠 capacity is limited to 50% normal capacity
🦠groups are limited to 6 people
🦠there must be 6ft between tables
🦠no self service
🦠masks are not mandated as of yet
🦠a patron must order food to come in and drink
🦠you cannot have lines or people waiting at the bar for a table. If you are full, they either have to leave, or they can wait in their car and have you text them when a table opens up.
🦠 no one can sit at the bar if you have one
🦠jukebox is okay as long as no one is dancing
🦠if you choose to stay closed, employees can still get unemployment
🦠single use condiments only (ketchup,mustard,salt,pepper, etc) if they are not used, they must be thrown away.
🦠disposable menus are preferred. If you have laminated menus, you can use them but they must be sanitized after every use.
🦠 all tables must be sanitized after every customer. Acceptable chemicals are anything that would kill norovirus.
🦠hand sanitizer must be provided at entrance and exit

That’s all we know for now

🦠EDIT🦠 I called Iowa restaurant association to confirm about the pool hall. They said we can leave the doors open and use the room for seating to eat, but absolutely no one can play pool at all anywhere in any establishment. This is because multiple people are touching the balls, touching the cues, etc. so if you have a pool table, you cannot use it. It should be covered or put a note over the coin slot and remove pool cues. Also, no one can play darts

Hey hey Rays Timeout can resume business at 50% capacity this Friday May 1st . We will open at 7 am like we have done before all this and will crank out breakfast till 10 then kitchen open the rest of the day for our menu items. Thank you all for the support for the last several weeks and if anyone doesn’t feel comfortable coming in we here at Timeout respect your wishes. Rest assure Ray and his staff will continue to clean and sanitize throughout the day for yours and ours safety !! Patio will be open also with the great weather this week !!!

[04/26/20]   Monday April 27-Wednesday April 29 we will NOT be doing deliveries or carry outs sorry for the inconvenience kitchen hood etc will be getting steamed cleaned and are unable to open the kitchen and are going to use this time to redo the floors and front door etc . Thank you all for the support !!!! Hope to see you all back in a few days !

[04/17/20]   We like to say thank you for all the wonderful support from all the local businesses Purina ,ADM , Clysar, Clinton county humane society, several of the local banks ,there are so may more to list and all the great citizens of Clinton and surrounding area for such great support these last few weeks and beyond. Thank you from Ray and his staff .

Hang in there 💪🏼still doing carry out Monday-Saturday 10-7 thank you all for your continued support Ray’s Timeout 563-242-9900

Pulled pork sandwiches

As this social distancing continues some restaurants are done doing carry out etc. we here at Ray’s Timeout will continue to provide carry out as I’ve talk to my staff that works it none of them are “forced” to work during this time they volunteered for it . The doors remain locked and we will personally walk the food out to your car when you pull up. Thank you all for the great support,and patience as with fewer places to go the orders are more , we will continue to bring you great good as fast as we can ..again thank you and may god bless you......Ray

Ray’s Timeout known for there Double Fried wings and pizza ....but don’t take our word for it ....ask our customers!!!

Ray’s Timeout will continue carry out curbside from 10am-7pm Monday tru Saturday till the the social distancing quarantine is over .....563-242-9900 to order . Thank you for your continued support

It was brought to my attention that a lot of school kids relied on school lunches . And with no school going on a lot may be missing a meal . Starting tomorrow call in and order a kids cheese burger and a few fries or a hot dog or grilled cheese to go FREE on Ray Detlefs and his crew . Just for our little kids in town that may miss out on free school lunches I realize a lot of parents are not working etc and if this can help a little god bless ... hang tough we will all get through this ......Ray

Well made it through week 2 !! Thank you again for all the support with the carry out and delivery and your patience with the phone being busy at times as we try to hurry and take ones order to get to the next . I’m told I have to continue this to April 8th 🤞🏼! We are closed on Sunday to restock sorry for any inconvenience but will crank it all up again tomorrow at 10 for all you wonderful people . Remember Rays Timeout will continue carry out Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm ....again thank you ......Ray

Adcraft Printwear

Support Rays Timeout with some fresh apparel!
Do you own a restaurant/bar? Contact us today to get your special #quarantine2020 fundraising web store set up!


Full menu carry out /curb side Monday thru Saturday 10am-7pm continues all week again . Phone 563-242-9900 or fax 563-242-9999 or call Ray personally place an order and thank you all for your continued support ❤️

Carry out deal of the day 24pk bud light 16oz aluminum bottles for $25 !!!!! While they last UPDATE !!!!!SOLD OUT .......thank you

Saturday night?!! #coronavirussucks #quarintinesucks😢😢😢😢😢😢

[03/20/20]   Thank you for the continued support . I’m amazed at how this is brought us all together in this time of need... I understand some of you are getting a busy signal during the “peak” hours , rest assure we are taking orders as fast as we can so the next caller can get through. Remember you can fax your order in also 563-242-9999 . Or phone it in 563-242-9900 .... a lot of you know my personal cell feel free to call that I’m there and can make sure it gets ordered . We try to get orders out within 30 min during peak hours but your continued patience is greatly appreciated as sometimes my cooks are slammed with 50 plus orders on your wait time. Again I want to say thank you for the overwhelming support Clinton citizens are doing not just for me but all the small restaurants around the city ... All of you is why I’m glad I opened my bar in Clinton 10 years ago .. you all will have my love and support for many more years ..... Thank you and here is to getting things back to normal soon🍺🍺..Ray

[03/19/20]   Thank you Clinton and surrounding area I’m speechless at the support today with the curb side to go and delivery..... we will do this all again tomorrow 10am-7pm .... again thank you for the support and patience from everyone... when this is all over I promise to throw one big party to return the favor .... please continue the support and making Rays Timeout YOUR bar .....

Open for curb side carry out at 10am today full menu plus all the specials chicken George and meatball sandwiches call in 563-242-9900 or fax 563-242-9900 your order and give us a time you want it we will do this from 10-7 every Monday-Saturday oh and fish , ribeye steaks , Butterfly shrimp included every day ..... sorry for the inconvenience of not being able of eating in but also thank you for supporting LOCAL restaurants like Rays Timeout thru this forced closure ......

Ok I’m writing this with tears in my eyes but with all the great support and response Rays Timeout WILL do carry out curb side food to go!! Starting tomorrow 10 am to 7 pm Monday thru Saturday and we will see how it goes ... call 563-242-9900 and place your order and approximately what time you will be by to pick it up and Ray will Walk it out to you !!! Large orders Britters has offered to deliver it also !! You all made timeout your home for the last 10 yrs and I am not going anywhere!! You are all my family I’m just bummed that we won’t be together for a couple Weeks . I’m told to March 30 ..... so please buy local and support the locally owned restaurants and not the big chains !!!! Thank you in advance of all the support and we will start curb side carry out tomorrow at 10am -7pm 563-242-9900 or fax in your order and time you want it at 563-242-9999 .........Ray❤️

Well sad to say the state has closed all bars restaurants and theaters in the state till the end of March ... but will let restaurants to use curb side service ..... I’m asking for everyone to respond if I open 10am to 7pm for carry out orders that will bring out to you if it will make it worth my time to have couple guys here to work ??? Buy local people I’ll make my mind up tonight and post if I get a good response ... big orders we possibly will deliver

Tomorrow stop in for corn beef and cabbage and enjoy some cold beer

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